Standing Back Up

Hey guys,

So today I just got the results that I didn’t get into the grand finals of the National Public Speaking Competition, neither did I get into the top 20 speakers. Well, of course I’m quite upset about this because I really wanted to get into the top 20… Besides that, none of my friends got in to grand finals but one of us got into the top 20 speakers. It seems rather selfish of me to think this way but I was quite jealous of her naturally. It’s part of human nature to be jealous or envious of someone at least once in your life. However, I of course felt happy for her as well and congratulated her.

I think most of you will be judging me now. I would like to assure you that she is one of my besties and I love her as a friend. I just needed to know that I was human too and I do have some moments when I make mistakes in the way I judge my feelings. Anyway, I was quite disappointed as I said earlier. I realised something here, that I still had a chance of getting in again next year. Second chances always come to those who truly need it. 🙂 I think that we should not be pushed down or blocked by anyone in our path, because what is life without a few thorns. They always say life is a bed of roses bu honestly, just cut of the thorns and I guess it should be alright to lie in those roses. We just have to make an effort to get back our second chance.

I know I said in my previous blog posts about doing youtube videos and eventually (hopefully) I can become youtube famous. I watched a JacksGap video about using Social Media for a change with only Finn inside because Jack was on holiday I guess. I was quite inspired by this and also by many other youtubers. I have decided to make my first youtube video ASAP (maybe tomorrow?) so that I can make use of time when I have it. I really hope that whoever is looking at this blog now, I hope you can help promote my blog and stuff. That would really make me extremely happy. I have around 2 or 3 views on my blog which is quite….. depressing I would say. Thank you so much for reading my blog. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

Hugs and brown oranges,



OMG (Oh My Guavas)

Hey guys,

I am utterly disappointed and sad. This has been the third day I started my blog and I still do not have ANY views at all, my dashboard where you can see stats is COMPLETELY EMPTY. That is really depressing but I’ll continue working hard and hopefully, my blog will get more and more views and I will get famous. KIDDING. It would be really awesome to become famous but that’s like a really far away dream.

Anyway, so I have been watching youtube channels and I really like a number of youtube channels that I highly recommend you go see and check out, subscribe and start stalking them. O.O HAHA. So anyway, the youtube channels are: JacksGap (Jack Harries and Finn Harries), zoella280390 (Zoe Sugg), danisnotonfire (Dan Howell), PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes), MarcusButlerTV (Marcus Butler), dicasp (Caspar Lee), tyleroakley (Tyler Oakley), ThatcherJoe (Joe Sugg) and Sam (Sam Pepper). These are my favourite youtubers so far so if you have anymore youtubers to recommend to me, comment below and I will gladly read your recommendations.

Youtubers are cool, awesome and likable, I hope to one day be a successful blogger and youtuber as well. Youtubers inspire people and generally make us laugh and enjoy listening to whatever they’re saying, their videos generally get many views that many people yearn for. I have seen videos by Youtubers having 2 million views and that is just phenomenal. Even getting 2 million subscribers. That is just amazing and I aspire to be someone like that. Youtubers are like role models, they teach us certain things we never learned about, i.e British Slang.

I really hope that people can stop hating on any youtuber. Even if you don’t like he or she, hating he or she won’t benefit you at all, you just get to type a few extra sentences that really hurt people. Just don’t look at the videos and get over it. If you really like their videos, subscribe to them and like their videos, even comment nice comments on them too, because everyone deserves a compliment everyday.

I think it’s time for me to get some sleep. I really hope to see more views on my blog because that’s what I hope for. That’s why I started a blog. If you happen to see my blog, please tell your friends and family or even your own personal followers about me because I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Hugs and yellow grapes,


More about Life….

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I posted my first post and so far there has been no one that visited my blog. YAY! Not. Quite sad actually, I was kind of hoping that I would have at least one view on my blog. JUST ONE VIEW. 😦 Ok so besides my depressing news about not having viewers on my blog, let’s talk about something fun! Well, I really hope to have a blogshop one day but I seriously have no idea how to start. I also want to start a youtube channel. Wouldn’t that be just AWESOME? I literally googled “How do you start a blogshop?” just right after I typed the previous sentence.

Apparently, you have to sell things at your whims and fancies and people will come to your blog to look at whatever you’re selling. I….. don’t have a lot to sell. I don’t have a sponsor who I heard from my friend, needs about 2 years of blogging. O.O My friend has been blogging for 2 years and she has a blogshop and an amazing voice. Maybe I’ll ask her to sing on my youtube channel (once I make it) and I’ll play the ukulele along. Before you ask, yes, I have a ukulele and I’m doing my very best to play the ukulele well. On to music, I can play the piano. I’m only Grade 3 so don’t expect me to play like Beethoven or like my BFF. My BFF is awesome. She is Grade 8 on piano, she draws amazingly well and she dances extremely well. Unlike me who happens to be everything she isn’t. ANYWAY, that’s vaguely about my music life.

My favourite song SO FAR for the past few days has been ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons. You know when you hear a song and you go “OMG! I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THIS AWESOME SONG”? That’s what happened. Thank goodness I kind of remembered the band name from a TV advertisement. Oh yes, I have great news! My fellow batch mates and I have been selected to go for a public speaking competition. My topic for the prepared round that I chose is…….MUSIC! I brought in humor into that speech so hopefully they know when to laugh and not laugh at the wrong places which will make things rather awkward.

Have you guys ever heard the song ‘Secret’ by the Pierces? It’s really creepy and hauntingly scary but it sounds amazing as well. That doesn’t make much sense, but well, that’s how I feel. It’s from the show Pretty Little Liars. If you haven’t seen the show before, you should go and watch it! It’s really amazing and thrilling. Hm….. I need to get some shut eye. Goodbye and have a great day or night!

Hugs and pink bananas,


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

By Les Brown. This quote is really true because everyone and anyone can shoot for the moon, but it depends on how much effort you put in for your shot at the moon. Even if you miss, the stars will catch you and save you so that you can get back up again for another shot. 

First Post

Hey guys,

New day. First post. First time blogging. Honestly, I’ve never blogged before in my ENTIRE life. Some people say “OMG. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?” And I just go “I JUST DID DUDE!” So, ANYWAY, away from my tendency to side track away from things, I have no idea what blogs are for. I seriously have no idea. I don’t know what to type and I’m probably just babbling away now but I don’t know who’s going to read this so good luck to whoever you are that’s reading this weird and awkward post of mine. If you read the tag-line or whatever they call it, you would have seen that I post everything and anything. Basically, whatever catches my eye. Including all sorts of different things. So be prepared for RANDOMNESS!

Well then, FAR FAR AWAY from my awkward introductions…… OK, so I haven’t really introduced myself. SO….. Hello my fellow-blog-viewer-whom-I-don’t-know-but-really-want-to-thank. My name is Jason. KIDDING. Ok, seriously, my name is Karyn, pronounced ker-r-in. I don’t know how many of you actually know whether you’re pronouncing my name right but it’s alright. That doesn’t bother me. If you haven’t realised until this point, I am a girl. Like many other girls in the World-Wide Web, I am NOT going to say my age. You can guess ALL you want. I can only give you a clue. I’m less than 25. Well, that’s that really. What else…? Ah yes, if you like my blog, follow me on wordpress and like this totally amazing post. If you unfortunately don’t like my blog, thank you do much for spending your time here to read my blog. Please do NOT send hate because that’s just very rude and basically depressing. On a lighter note, thank you so much if you like my blog. I’ve been thinking of doing a youtube channel like JacksGap….. I’ll probably NOT get as famous as them.

Oh, if you by any chance have no idea who Jack Harries and Finn Harries are, drop by their youtube channel for some AWESOME videos. They are an amazing and awesome pair of twins. If you like them, subscribe to their channel and like the videos. And probably stalk them when you have time. KIDDING. Even if you don’t like them, don’t send hate. Maybe I should make a youtube channel….. That’s for another time maybe, when my blog gets more views. I think I’m probably rambling off in a weird way. So goodbye for now!

Hugs and orange cabbages,